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 His second Coming Is  extremely close!

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Pray For the peace of Jerusalem!

Pray that brothers and sisters will come to the Faith all round the world and also to our Jewish brothers in Israel!

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation. First to the Jews then to the Gentiles!

( A world wide revival is coming to Jerusalem and the whole world  in the next few years! Revelation 7)

Lets Get Ready Church!


Servant of the Lord!

Greetings! My Name is Ralph Collins. I am the communicator the Lord uses to give messages on Holy Spirit Radio!  I am from Georgia. We Love Jesus Greatly and only want to see Him glorified and not ourselves! As we continued to follow the Spirit of God! He divinely moved us to Texas by a vision that He showed me as I was sleep at night!  A Few months later, we was in Texas just like Jesus said in the vision a few months before we left!  Once we arrived  in Texas. The Lord later lead us to start Holy Spirit Radio!

The Lord Jesus spoke to me in a vision as I were sleep and showed me starting this radio! He brought it to pass divinely and continuing bringing it together divinely by the Spirit of God(Holy Spirit) who is leading every step of the way to prepare His children for His Second Coming!

Are you ready?

Will you be fit to enter The Kingdom Heaven?


Our Faith

  • We believe that the fullness of God  is revealed in Jesus Christ! 
  • We believe that God revealed Himself in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit!  ONE GOD!
  •  We believe that the Lord our God is one who Is Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior! 
  • It is written the Lord our God is one!( Deuteronomy  6:4)

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is necessary For salvation!He is our seal and evidence that we believe in Christ Jesus  our Lord and Savior!
  • We believe in Baptism for it is the command of God!
  • We Believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven!
  • We Believe Jesus Is the one and only true God! 
  • We believe the Bible is 100 percent Accurate! 
  • We believe that the Bible  is the absolute truth and is the infallible word of God Inspired by God!

  • Jesus Is Coming Extremely Soon!We do not Have a lot of time left! Will you Be Ready For His Second Coming!

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Jesus Second Coming Is Extremely Close! Are You Ready?

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God Bless you and may the peace and grace of God the Father and our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus Be with You all!!

Prophecy Updates

The Second Coming of our Lord Christ Jesus!

Event Details

 Daniel 9;25-27 Prophecy, Deal of the Century!

  • 7 year peace agreement is do to be signed soon, once signed, that will lead to the final 7 years to the Second Coming of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior!! 

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